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What is Malted Barley?
Malted Barley is one of four essential ingredients of beer.  It comes from the fermentable sugars that contribute to the condition, alcohol content and the fermented flavor of beer.
Are all Malt extracts the same?
No.  There are over a hundred varieties of malt extracts and powders.  Some malt extract products contain additives such as corn syrup, sugar, caramel, etc..
What are Specialty Malts?
They are malts used by home brewers to add special and desirable character to beer.  This could be color, sweetness, body and aroma.
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What are ales?
Ales are brewed with "top-fermenting" yeasts at close to room temperatures, 50-70F (10-21C). Ales encompass the broadest range of beer styles including bitters, pale ales, porters, stouts, and barley wines.
What are lagers?
Lagers are brewed with "bottom-fermenting" yeasts at much colder temperatures, 35-50F (2-10C) over long periods of time (months). 

 Lagers include bocks, doppelbocks, Munich- and Vienna-style, Maerzen/Oktoberfest, and the famous pilsners.
How is alcohol strength measured?
In the U.S., alcohol in beer is measured by weight (abw). Since alcohol weighs roughly 20% less than water, abw measures appear 20% less than abv measures for the same amount of alcohol. In Europe, beer strength tends to be measured on the basis of the fermentables in the wort.

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