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Cidery Flavor
The number one reason for cidery beers is that an excessive amount of corn sugar, even more so if cane (or beet) sugar is used.  If the recipe calls for sugar in excessive of 50% of the fermentable sugar, you can try substituting malt extract.  Some recipes are designed to hold the higher sugar.
Sour Flavor
Bacterial infection, warm brewery temperatures and sluggish fermentations are the cause of sour beer.  You can brew it hot climates as long as bacterial infection hasn't taken hold.
Moldy Beer
Due to beer's acidity and alcohol content, there currently is no known pathogens that can survive in beer.  Mold infects beer due to lax sanitation procedures.  
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Flat Beer
This could be caused by excessive amount of sterilant in your bottles or it is being stored at excessively cool temperatures.  You could try uncapping the beer and drop in a few grains of new dried beer yeast and recap.  You could also blend your flat beer with carbonated beer just before serving.
Over carbonated beer
Too much priming sugar.  

Strange aftertastes
Bacterial infections.
Prematurely Stuck Fermentation
First off, stop worrying.  Some beers begin fermentation at 1.038 and finish as high as 1.013, others as high as 1.055 and are bottled at 1.028.  
Poor or no foam retention
Mostly due to a dirty glass, with residual grease, wax, or soap.  It could also be old and stale hops.  

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