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  American Brew History
It is unknown when they first beer was brewed but most historians will agree it was in the early days of the Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures.  People found out that they barley they used to make breads and cakes were wetted allowed to germinate and subsequently dried the result would taste sweeter and be less perishable.    This may have been started in someone's home.  So it is possible the very first beer was a homebrew! Welcome to The Beer Machine
Now fast forward to America.  Today's typical American beer is a light colored, light bodied pilsner-lager beer.  This is different from beers before Prohibition.  Before Prohibition there were thousands of breweries.  Each brewery had their own distinctive style.    
When Prohibition came about and put thousands of these brewers out of business.  Only the larger brewers survived by making things other then beer.  

The result after prohibition was brewers afraid to brew richer styles of American beer.  They attempted to provide beer for the mass market.  Then came World War II.  A shortage of food resulted in beer being brewed that had less malt in it.  This appealed to the females that where still in America.  

Sadly all this has resulted in a lack of choice for beer drinkers today.  That is where home brewing comes in.  Home brewing gives you a choice.  Brewers are doctors, roofers, truck drivers, military, dentists, housewives and just anyone you can think of can brew their own beer.  


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