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What else can I brew besides beer?
There are tons of things you could make.  This includes wine, mead and cider.
Is making wine hard?
Wine is usually easier  to make.  Most wine is "aged" from one month to many years.  There  are many different types of wines you could make and a visit to your local brew shop should guide you in the right direction.
What is mead?
Mead is defined as a yeast-fermented honey water.  If you add fruit to it, its called melomel.  If you add grates you have pyment.  Add herbs or spices and you have metheglin.  Add apple juice and you have cyser.  
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Where can I get mead?
Sadly you can't go to your local beverage store and pick up mead.  If you could it would most likely be sweet, old and stale.  To get fresh mead you will either need to make it, find a small brewery who makes it or a brewpub.  
Is making mead hard?
Mead is very simple to make.

If you can make beer or wine you can make mead.  A basic mead consists of honey, water and yeast.
What is Hard Cider?
Hard Cider is a alcoholic beverage made from cider, or apple juice.
Is it hard to make Hard Cider?
Hate to sound like a broken record but if you make beer, wine or mead, you can make hard cider.  A basic hard cider usually involves just adding yeast to cider and letting it ferment.  

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